Youth Navigation

Pacific Islander youth support services & programs

Youth Navigation is a range of services and programs available to help our young people get set up for a healthy, positive, culturally-grounded future.

What do we do?

Cultural Roots is a program for youth to learn and engage with Pacific Islander cultures across Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia through song, dance, chant, story-telling and more.

Regions: Western and SW Washington

Healing Circle is a safe space for our PI youth to come together and share their life experiences with one another and find support in their peers and Navigators.

Regions: Western and SW Washington

Town Halls are a platform for our young people to come together to practice leadership through advocacy, organizing, and collaboration on issues affecting our communities.

Regions: Western and SW Washington

A community response to harm that focuses on healing and restoration.

Rather than being prosecuted with a crime through the punitive and harmful court system, RCP has been designed by and centers youth and community members to address their needs and provide them with community support. This work centers those most impacted by the criminal legal system, seeking to dismantle oppression and promote healing.

For students who need space, access to internet or homework help.

Regions: SW Washington

Our Youth Navigators are here to support Pacific Islander young people by providing basic needs support & resources, mentorship, and more.

Regions: Western and SW Washington