Cultural Weavers

Pacific Islander Elders engagement program

Our Cultural Weavers program provides a space for our Pacific Islander elders to engage in community social connection, cultural practice, and healthy wellbeing.

Every Friday from 10AM – 2:00PM* in Federal Way (King County).
  • Storytelling, cultural sharing, and practicing of traditions.
  • Physical activities and exercises to help lower blood pressure, tone muscles, relieve tension & stress.
  • Nutritional cultural meals.
  • Recognizing and celebrating cultural and spiritual connections in faith-based activities.
  • Games and activities to help improve hand-eye coordination as well as stimulate the brain.
  • Creating social connections and going on group outings to maintain a healthy, fun life.
*Subject to change
  • Direct service and resources for our Pacific Islander aging and adults.
    • Basic Needs
    • Transportation assistance
    • Health and wellness services
    • Housing referral support
    • Translator and Interpreter services
    • and more!
  • Outreach and community organizing for elder awareness programs.
  • Hospital visitations.

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