Cultural Weavers

Pacific Islander Elders engagement program

Our Cultural Weavers program provides a space for our Pacific Islander elders to engage in community social connection, cultural practice, and healthy wellbeing.

Every Friday from 10AM – 2:00PM* in Federal Way (King County).
  • Storytelling, cultural sharing, and practicing of traditions.
  • Physical activities and exercises to help lower blood pressure, tone muscles, relieve tension & stress.
  • Nutritional cultural meals.
  • Recognizing and celebrating cultural and spiritual connections in faith-based activities.
  • Games and activities to help improve hand-eye coordination as well as stimulate the brain.
  • Creating social connections and going on group outings to maintain a healthy, fun life.
*Subject to change
  • Direct service and resources for our Pacific Islander aging and adults.
    • Basic Needs
    • Transportation assistance
    • Health and wellness services
    • Housing referral support
    • Translator and Interpreter services
    • and more!
  • Outreach and community organizing for elder awareness programs.
  • Hospital visitations.

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🔔 Office Closure Reminder

We will be closed from June 5th to June 12th for a Pasifika Wellness Week. We have been given the opportunity for many of our PICA staff to attend the FESTPAC Celebration in Honolulu, Hawai’i during this time.  
For PICA, this week is a time to honor our cultures, our communities and each other. Our vision as an agency is to live out the values of Pasifika that center our community power, while affirming our ways of life.  FESTPAC is in direct alignment of PICA’s goal of furthering the wellness of our communities in physical, cultural, socially and spiritual approaches. It is in this framework that our presence will be made in addition to celebrating our history and receiving culturally relevant/culturally specific trainings, workshops, and much more.


If you are in need of emergency support during this time, please call 211. Otherwise, you may fill out our referral form here and our team will follow up with you as soon as possible upon our return. You may also leave us a message or voicemail at / (206) 686-5221.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!