Our Logo

Pacific Islander Community Association Logo

Our logo features three main motifs found across various cultures of Oceania.

The Red-tailed Tropicbird is native to Oceania. Its feathers are often used in ceremonial regalia throughout the Pacific. The Tropicbird is known to always return home no matter how far it travels. The Pasifika Diaspora, while far away from home, like the tropicbird, we are tethered to our cultural homelands.

The moon is seen as the Goddess of Beauty and Clarity in many island traditions. It is the divine feminine energy, that brings clarity and wholeness of thought. The moon represents our Pasifika wisdom traditions that keep up grounded. It is our commitment to always center the wisdom of our ancestors.

Pasifika Navigators, when wayfinding, have to “see the island”, through the storms and through the vastness of the Ocean to stay the course. The star represents the “island destiny” we are journeying towards together with our canoes side by side traveling in unison. The star also represents our familial ties to the cosmic bodies as a part of our kinship in our creation stories.

Please do not use our logo without expressed permission from our Communications Department.