Talofa. Bula. Ran anim. Alii. Len wo. Malo e lelei. Kia orana. Hafa adai. Aloha. Iakwe. Halo. Malo te ma’uli. Wa wa wa. Mauri. Tirow. Kia ora. Fakaalofa atu. Ia orana. Malo ni. ‘Iorana. Kaselehlia. Mogethin. Ekamowir omo. Noa’ia.

We are the Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington.


The Pacific Islander Community Association is a nonprofit organization founded in 2019 by Pasifika peoples, for Pasifika peoples. Our organization seeks to live out the indigenous values of Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander (NH/PI) communities here in Washington State through community organizing, and speaking our truth fiercely to systems of power, while providing social supports and cultural spaces for the community to gather in dignity.

Our mission is threefold: establish a cultural home, center community power, and further the wellness of our communities physically, culturally, socially and spiritually. Pasifika communities of Washington are a resilient community and while it has had to endure struggles in combating systematic erasure, Pasifika people will continue to rise!

Our Services & Programs

Family Wellness & Youth Navigation

Seeking to improve the lives of our NH/PI families through targeted social supports and culturally responsive programming.

Pasifika Food Networks

Biweekly food distribution aiming to support NH/PI families facing food insecurity.

Cultural Weavers

A space made to engage our Pasifika elders in thoughtful programming while in an environment of love, dignity and safety.

Pasifika Wayfinders

Empowering and supporting Pasifika youth as they navigate diasporic societal challenges.

Our Funders

Our offices are closed from May 8th - May 12th in an effort to promote and maintain staff wellness.

We will be back to normal operation hours on Monday, May 15th. Thank you for understanding!