Talofa. Bula. Ran anim. Alii. Len wo. Malo e lelei. Kia orana. Hafa adai. Aloha. Iakwe. Halo. Malo te ma’uli. Wa wa wa. Mauri. Tirow. Kia ora. Fakaalofa atu. Ia orana. Malo ni. ‘Iorana. Kaselehlia. Mogethin. Ekamowir omo. Noa’ia.

We are the Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington.

The Pacific Islander Community Association of Washington (PICA-WA) is an organization that seeks to live out the indigenous values of Pasifika (NH/PI) communities here in Washington State through community organizing, and speaking our truth fiercely to systems of power while providing social supports and cultural spaces for the community to gather in dignity.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold: establish a cultural home, center community power, and further the wellness of our communities physically, culturally, socially and spiritually. Pasifika communities of Washington are a resilient community and while it has had to endure struggles in combating systematic erasure, Pasifika people will continue to rise!

Our free vaccine toolkit provides beautiful graphics, easy-to-read fact sheets, and responses to frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 vaccinations in order to protect our Pacific Islander communities, especially our treasured elders.

We encourage you to use and share our toolkit, which has been translated into various Micronesian, Polynesian and Melanesian languages.

Our Funders