Our Wellness Navigation program is modeled after the Community Health Workers model in understanding that the health of our Pasifika communities is linked not just to accessing healthcare, but also in addressing the social determinants of health which includes access to housing, transportation, food, social belonging, employment & education. Our Wellness Navigators are equipped to support Pasifika families in navigating services offered in our NHPI networks and offered outside of our networks. They provide supports to combat housing insecurity, access to healthcare and other critical supports. Wellness Navigation also focuses on the cultural stewardship of our elders through providing elder social support services. 

Case Work

  • 3 to 6 months of case management support
  • Once a week to once a month meeting as needed
  • Support clients to address social determinants of health (SDOT)

Housing Services

  • Provide housing support services 
  • Eviction Prevention & Housing Stabilization 
  • Offer rental assistance if needed

Health Coverage

  • Support Pacific Islanders from COFA Nations enroll in COFA Medicaid. 
  • Support undocumented Pacific Islanders in connecting to accessible health services


  • Enroll Pasifika families in COVID-19 Surveillance Program in collaboration with WSU IREACH program for NH/PI communities. 

NH/PI Languages

  • Our Staff are fluent in Marshallese, Chuukese, Kosraean, Tongan, Samoan, Chamorro & Fijian. Please call us if you need access to these languages.

We seek to improve the lives of our Pacific Islander families through targeted social supports and culturally responsive programming. The program aims to decrease food insecurity, mitigate rental relief needs, and provide cultural belonging through resources provided with dignity and in-language. If you are a Pasifika family in need of support, contact us to get started! We have in-language support ready to help guide you through the process.


PFW Referral Process

Please call us at 206.686.5221 and complete a referral if you are a Pasifika family that needs supports or if you are a provider looking to enroll a Pasifika family in our program. We will respond within 5 business days to schedule an intake. Thank you for your patience.