Pasifika Wayfinders

Pasifika Wayfinders celebrates the leadership of our Pasifika youth through honoring their traditional roles as Wayfinders. Like our Oceanian ancestors, instead of wayfinding through the Ocean to find our Island homes or to return home, our Pasifika youth are supporting our Pasifika Diaspora in wayfinding through societal challenges by creating spaces for their peers to find belonging. Pasifika Wayfinders centers the leadership of our Pasifika youth through peer advocacy and speaking truth to power. From advocating to end youth homelessness and youth detention, to creating wellness spaces to address mental health challenges experienced by their peers, Pasifika Wayfinders are our change agents in our community.

Pasifika Wayfinder Youth Program Components

Study Tables

The PICA-WA Pasifika Youth Center is open every evening until 6pm for study tables. We offer up our space as a place for our Pasifika students to have access to internet, equipment and support for their education journeys.

Youth Council

Our PWF Youth Council empowers young Pasifika minds to learn about injustices impacting youth of color and gain the organizing skills to change our world for the better. This council is a platform for our Pasifika young people to practice leadership through advocacy, organizing, and collaboration. We have currently have youth councils in King County and Vancouver, WA.

Sovereignty Farm

Our Pasifika Wayfinders are committed to learning the art of farming to embody what it means for us as Pasifika people to reconnect to the soil, to our farming roots and also to understand the importance of learning about our food sources. We farm twice a month starting in Spring until the end of Fall season.

Restorative Community Pathways

Healing protocol and traditions are core to Pasifika culture to mediate harm between parties. We are a part of the Restorative Community Pathways coalition and we work with Pasifika and other BIPOC youth to support them in meeting their needs so they thrive and live happy joyful lives.

Cultural Roots

Our Pasifika Wayfinders teach the art of Tongan Ta’uolunga, Fijian Meke, Marshallese ikkure, biit, along with Samoan ma’ulu’ulu, taualuga and sasa. Our Pasifika Wayfinders have been performing throughout the Northwest region to showcase the diverse arts of Micronesia, Melanesia & Polynesia.