Pasifika Wayfinders

Who are Pasifika Wayfinders?

Pasifika Wayfinders celebrates the leadership of our Pasifika youth through honoring their traditional roles as Wayfinders. Like our Oceanian ancestors, instead of wayfinding through the Ocean to find our Island homes or to return home, our Pasifika youth are supporting our Pasifika Diaspora in wayfinding through societal challenges by creating spaces for their peers to find belonging and to strengthen their voices within the communities they live in. Pasifika Wayfinders centers the leadership of our Pasifika youth through peer advocacy and speaking truth to power. From advocating to end youth homelessness and youth detention, to creating wellness spaces to address mental health challenges experienced by their peers, Pasifika Wayfinders are actively working to improve the well-being of Pasifika youth in the state of Washington through the Pasifika Youth Council and other Pasifika youth-driven Initiatives. 

Te Fiti Harvest

Our Pasifika Wayfinders in partnership are committed to learning the art of farming to embody what it means for us as Pasifika to reconnect to the soil, to our farming roots and also to understand the importance of understanding our food sources, indigenous stewardship of land, and celebrating the harvest of their farming efforts.

Youth Detention Outreach

Pasifika Wayfinders is engaged in outreach work to support Pasifika youth who are currently in detention in various facilities in Pierce & King County. Our Outreach are conducted twice a month and gives the opportunities for youth who are systems-involved to advocate for their needs from our larger Pasifika communities.

Address: 33710 9th Ave South, Suite 1
Federal Way 98003

Phone: 206.686.5221

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday 9am - 5pm