Pasifika Aferika Solidarity is a movement to foster solidarity between the Pasifika Diaspora and the African Diaspora in identifying and addressing anti-blackness, creating spaces to learn anti-racism and anti-colonial organizing tools, learn together from each other’s history of organizing and resistance against white supremacy and continue to build strong bonds of humanity together. The image depicts the sacred intimacy of our Pasifika & Aferika peoples and we will continue to build on this sense of family in rejecting our false divisions. 

We fully support the Black Lives Matter movement and the leadership of our Black Pasifika and larger Black communities in leading us in our collective fight towards healing and liberation both in our internal and our social and institutional lives.  

Phone: 206.859.7922

Address: 643 S 150th St Burien WA 98148

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm