INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artist Residency Application

INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artist Residency
  • The INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artist Residency aims to provide support and opportunities to advance the practice of Pasifika artists in the northwest. This will be done via:
    • Some financial support and resources
    • Access to studio space
    • Access to ancestral "artifacts" from Pasifika via the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture (herein referred to as the "Burke Museum")
    • Mentorship and guidance for Residency Artist as needed
INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artist Residency will entail the following for a confirmed Artist
  • A stipend of $1,000.00 for approximately 1 academic quarter (following the University of Washington’s academic calendar) term Residency
  • Access and usage (full day access to studio once a week, all other days based on availability) of “Behind-the-glass” Artist studio in the Burke Museum.
  • Exclusive access to the Pacific Islander Collection (and other select collections if planned accordingly) at The Burke Museum.
  • Small budget for some materials and supplies needed by the artist.
  • “Tehina” Apprenticeship to a Pasifika Artist who is a bit more established in their practice and is willing to offer their expertise and wisdom via one-on-one meeting time (either in-person or virtual and contingent on scheduling alignment)
  • A “Pre” and “Post” program reflective interview about the accepted and confirmed Residency Artist(s)’ experience.
  • Guest lecture/speaker engagement commitment during the month of the Residency
  • A Community exhibit that will feature original work or works created by the INS[PI]RED Residency Artist(s).
  • Last but not least, The Burke Museum would relish the opportunity to purchase a completed art piece, (artist's choice as to which completed piece) as part of reciprocal dialogue practice to continue education and cultural learning exchange especially within the context of the Pacific Northwest and the indigenous communities who call these Coast Salish lands home.
INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artist Residency Eligibility
In submitting my application, I agree to have complied with the following:
  • I have read and understood the PICA-WA INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artis Residency application conditions and eligibility requirements.
  • My application will not be accepted if it is not submitted by the indicated deadline through the PICA-WA website or does not have all the required materials.
  • I understand that my application is for the INS[PI]RED Pasifika Artist Residency in February, 2022.
Written Statements

Application Declaration
  • I understand that all information provided in this application is confidentially held by PICA-WA. Any personal information will be disclosed to assessment panel members for the sole purpose of assessing my application. It will not be disclosed to any other external party without my consent, unless required or authorized by law.
  • I give the PICA-WA a consent to reproduce and communicate the support material in which I have intellectual property rights for the sole purpose of assessing my application.
  • I understand that all assessment and review decisions of my Residency application are final.
  • In the event my application is accepted, I consent to PICA-WA publishing and promoting content pertaining to my art on PICA-WA social media channels and website.
  • I understand that If this application is approved and confirmed, I must provide a completed W9 form and other appropriate tax verification documents.
  • I consent to the media being given information about the funded project if my application is successful and acknowledge that I may be contacted directly by them.