Spokane County in Eastern Washington is home to the U.S. second largest Marshallese population, second only to Arkansas. It is also home to many of our Chuukese, Samoan & Native Hawaiian families as well. Spokane County have seen the exponential growth of our NHPI population, who have emigrated to there due to employment opportunities. Existing barriers to healthcare and lack of insurance enrollment continues to drive negative consequences that our local community currently suffers. The region suffers from the scarcity of social service provisions given its rural setting. Our Eastern Washington Team is partnering with local NHPI leadership to build NHPI infrastructure and capacity locally. The City of Pullman is home to a thriving Samoan community whose ties go back to football recruitment out of American Samoa. NHPIs have also made Yakima County home. Farming work have brought some of our families to this region. 


Our partners include Marshallese Community Advisory Board, CHAS, Spokane Regional Health District, SNAP, Native Project, APIC-Spokane and other local agencies who are committed to working together in ushering in policies that are driven by race-equity to mitigate local disparities experienced by NH/PI communities.