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The Tavake, the tropicbird, is a sacred symbol throughout Oceania Pasifika. Honored for the heights and distance that this bird can fly, the Tavake always knows to return home. It has become a Pasifika symbol of resilience, that no matter where we are and how far we move away from our Pasifika homelands, that we are forever indebted to preserving the language, values and traditions of our forebears. Like the Tavake, we must go back to where we come from, learn the rich lessons of our heritage, for us to move forward with power and conviction. In the South Pacific tradition, the Tavake bird is known to care very well for its feathers. The feathers are a symbol of measina, or the sacred treasures of Pasifika which are our language, our sacred covenants with our elders, our history, or songs and our intimate connections to the lands and to the ocean. PICAWA is committed to building a cultural home for Pasifika people here in Washington State by advancing Pasifika cultural preservation.
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